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Food Waste Survey

After your store has done the food waste audit, take a minute to fill out the food waste survey (link below) to let us know what you noticed. Thank you!!

We have updated our handbook! All team members will be required to sign a new handbook receipt in the next few weeks, feel free to brush up with the link to the left.

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Feeling Burnt Out? Check out this podcast we found helpful: Feeling Foggy? It’s not Just You .

Check out this free service to any Team Member of Sleepy Bee: Free therapy services, mindfulness app and more.

Sleepy Bee is partnering with Calibrated Lens to assess and reorient our policies and procedures towards anti-racism. Learn more here!

Sleepy Bee has officially joined the 2030 district and are committed to reducing our energy, water and transportation emissions by 50% by 2030. Learn more here!

When COVID-19 hit we partnered with LaSoupe to provide meals for families in need. This project is being spearheaded by the Downtown Sleepy Bee team.

Sleepy Bee and LaSoupe Partnership


average meals per week

servings so far (February 2021)


Sleepy Bee was founded in 2013 by a doctor, an artist and a chef.  We honor and emulate the bees–our muses–and their role in the wellbeing of diverse, local ecosystems. 

Sourcing from farms and suppliers nearby, we have created a delicious, wholesome and satisfying menu, served in inspired spaces, surrounded by original, local art and friendly people.

Our ingredients and creations highlight the ever-changing seasons and showcase the power that food has to impact our health, our communities and the world we share. We aim to create the most sustainable and life giving food and hospitality company.

We nurture an inclusive, generative culture empowering our hive to work creatively and collaboratively towards shared goals for the benefit of all. 

By dining at Sleepy Bee, we hope that you will be nourished in body, mind and spirit.


On masks (Updated)

If you are vaccinated and wish to go massless, please show your vaccination card to your manager. For anyone who chooses to wear a mask and/or unvaccinated staff, don’t forget the following:

Requirements for mask wearing:

  • Must cover your nose and mouth
  • Can not have writing but can have images
  • Paper masks are required
  • Must be worn when indoors at all times unless eating or drinking
  • The safest masks have filters
  • Masks should be washed after each shift (we recommend hand washing with hot water and dish soap). Once dry, a quick iron makes them look fresh & helps kill germs. Filters should be changed after each use.

We will no longer be requiring masks for guests. We will not be asking our team members to be the mask police and we will rely on the CDC’s guidelines and recommendations and trust that we are protected and we have the option to continue to wear masks if we so choose.

Reach out directly to Frannie and Emma

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