Sleepy Bee is committed to reducing its negative impact on the environment in a quantifiable and repeatable manner. Our goal is to discover and share our environmental sustainability policies and practices freely and openly to the rest of the hospitality industry in hopes that we can collectively have a strong, positive impact on the future of our planet. We are on the beginning of this journey and are looking primarily outside of our industry for guidance.

Sleepy Bee is a member of Cincinnati’s 2030 District and by the end of 2020, we will be 513Green Certified and a Certified B Corporation – all of which help us develop and be accountable for goals and strategies that address Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) around energy and water usage, waste, purchasing and cleaning.

How Can You Help?

Have an idea for a sustainability practice? See something wasteful at the Bee? See water leaking or being wasted? We would LOVE to gather your feedback! Here is our Sustainability Survey where you can give us any ideas or concerns. We are also collecting response to our Commuter Survey to figure out how we can best partner with public transportation (metro) and incentivize more environmentally friendly commuting to work.

Thank you for caring ❤️

Sustainability Tips We Can Use Right Now!

*Don’t let the water run*

When washing your hands (for the recommended 20 seconds)- do not let the water run- get your hands wet, turn off the water, soap up- scrub scrub scrub THEN turn the water on to rinse (then use a towel to turn it off OR let the sensor or foot petal do the work for you)

*Thawing Meat*

It’s best to thaw meat in the walk in overnight- if in a pinch, when thawing meat in a sink, use a smaller container so you don’t have to fill the whole sink, then let a SLOW, cold stream flow into the bowl (do not let the water flood the bowl, it’s about a small amount of circulation, not washing).

*Fill the Dishwasher Each Time*

The dishwasher uses SO MUCH WATER- in order to not waste water when using, fill the racks all the way prior to running each time.

More information can be found on the 513 Green and 2030 website; And feel free to check out this video to learn more!

Go Green At Home

Bring the sustainability journey home!

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